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We train slowly and learn the essence of the movement. We learn to train with a pure heart, which means we are learning this art to protect ourselves, our families and defend weaker individuals. In short, we are learning a warrior’s art.

Treat all training partners with respect regardless of their age, grade or training ability. Proper training gear is a black gi, tabi are optional. black pants with pockets are acceptable replacements for gi pants, your gi should only be worn in the training area, use a ‘cover up’ when traveling to training.

Come to training with an “empty cup”. learn these techniques without comparing them to other arts, accept the techniques for what they are, attend other training with the same attitude and as a guest, accept their training for what it is.

Fees: There is an annual fee payable to the Bujinkan of 2,000 Japanese yen and all members are expected to be members of the Bujinkan. We are a close knit group, so everyone is on a first name basis and formalities (the use of titles and bowing) are kept to a minimum. Everyone must sign a training declaration.